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Why we go for web service?

In olden days,
Structured Language – expose function and procedures

But in now a days,
Object- oriented Language – everything in API’s

To expose and or consume now we have API is only option,
Inorder to overcome this we are going for common language
Which is called “Web Service”.

Advantage of Webservice

  1. Across Language communicate.
  2. Across network we can interact with other interface.
  3. For secured we have https, eg: we have both client and service certification verification to access.

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Few steps for DSN…

  1. Business Objects ( real main objects )
  2. Activity diagram ( actor , system, external )
  3. Sequence Diagram. ( seq. diagram)

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Rajeshkumar. E  

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Good info about agile , nice to read…
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Rajeshkumar. E

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Remote Banking:-
Remote Banking is one of the most important modern banking services enabling the customer to make payments from any place in the world
and at any time via a PC, fixed or mobile phone.

Payment Remote Banking :-

PagamentiRB(Pagamenti Remote Banking) means Transfer Of Payment Orders,which involves processing in Bulk, of payment orders, of remote banking customers.
Processing of the orders involves debiting the Customers Account and Crediting the Internal Account of the Beneficiario’s Bank.

For more clear,
1 Debit —> Multiple Credit from same debit a/c.

Diff. between Remote and Internet Banking :-
Remote banking is just a term for defining the way of accessing the banking systems without visiting banks – it can also include internet banking, mobile banking,
normally we do not use it much.

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Major 4 components in SWLC

► Analysis – Requirements and Use cases (First you think what to do …)
Design – UML and Architecture (… then you think how to do …)
► Implementation –  Design patterns and TDD ( …then you do it …)
►Continuous Integration –  Build Test case with Ant and Deployments (… then you verify you did it correttly …)

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Rajeshkumar. E

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www.k-tech.it | www.javaportal.it corsi@k-tech.it 4

Software quality
Can be classified as:
External Quality:
perceivable by the end-user as well as by the
Internal Quality:
Verifiable only with code inspection (must have technical
►For the end-user only internal quality is important.
►External quality depends on internal quality.

External quality…
▪Correctnessmeasures the program’s capabilty tocorrectly (as per specifications) execute its tasks
▪Robustnessmeasures the program’s capability towithstand abnormal conditions.
▪Efficiencymeasures the program’s capabilty to usecomputational resources in an economical and rational way(time and space).
▪Usabilityeasiness to use and learn as perceived by theusers.
▪Costdevelopment time, human resources.
▪Securitymeasures the program’s capability to avoidunauthorized access.
▪Scalabilitymeasures the program’s capabilty to adapt todifferent contexts without needing redesign.
Internal quality
▪Modularity – degree of internal organization in distinct and(mutually) interacting parts.
Readability – measures the program’s capability to clearlyexpress the choices made by the designer.
▪ Reusability – measures the program’s capability to bereused, wholly or partially, into different applications.
▪ Portability- measures the program’s capability to betransferred on environments with different hardware andsoftware.
▪ Extensibility – measures the program’s capability to adaptto requirements change.

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Rajeshkumar. E

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AM = Ante Meridiem
Latin for “before midday”

PM = Post Meridiem
Latin for “after midday”
AM is an abbreviation “ante meridiem” which means “before noon” in Latin. PM is an abbreviation for “post meridiem” which means “after noon” in Latin.

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